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 We look to train you with aloha.  Old-style CPR and First Aid classes have been long and hard.  I didn’t like taking classes like that, nor did I want to teach like that, so “Aloha CPR” was born.  We do things Hawaiian style-- fun, short, and easy, focused just on the basics so we can remember it!

Unlike long classes, 90% of class time with our training is doing hands-on practice with your favorite pale bald guy (see below), and you even get to name him (or her) for the class!  I usually suggest calling yours your favorite movie star or sweet heart.  (That sure spices up class, working on a Brad Pitt or Salma Hayek now doesn’t it?…)

How long does the class last? 
About two hours CPR, an hour and a half for first aid, yet you are the one that tells me we’re pau.  What do I mean? After we practice a good amount, I ask the class to ask themselves, ”Do I feel confident of my skills that I could help save a life?” With our eyes closed, each person checks in with themselves.  If anyone needs more practice, we do some more—‘til all feel good.  --We are one “canoe,” and we leave no one with an intention to learn behind.  This is ohana. (I learned that from my kumu hula, Puna Kalama Dawson). And that’s the space from where the class gets taught.

How much does the class cost?  You can see our prices on the following pages.  They are very reasonable, yet if someone in an open, public community class of ours can’t pay, we will not turn anyone away who wants to learn. Give whatever you can, it’s ok by me.

Here’s a 3 minute video clip with a small group at a home.  It highlight’s what CPR is and why it's so important.


We look to make your training fun, memorable, and still completely certified.  You get your card right at the end of class too!

Aloha CPR promises to be a different way of training you and your friends or your business.


John Tyler, Your CPR “kumu”

Aloha CPR, serving all of Hawai’i & California

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